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Benefits of an electric fireplace

07 February 2021

Its clean, its efficient and best of all its extremely convenient! Here we take a look at why electric fireplaces are the the best solution for your home.......


When you install an electric fireplace, your buying into their convenience and ease of use. There’s no fuss and no mess with an electric fire. No need to worry about gathering wood or coal or emptying ash, you simply switch on, sit back and relax.

Ease of installation

There is no need for a flue or chimney with an electric fireplace – simply position it where you want within the room. All you need is an electrical supply.

Other fire types may require costly installation and may limit where you can have the fireplace.

Electric fires are great for installing in other rooms around the home such as dining rooms and conservatories – they are simple and quick to install with minimum fuss and they don’t emit any fumes into the atmosphere.

Easy to operate

Most electric fires can be operated via the actual fireplace or with a supplied remote control. Simple options such as choosing heat settings and operating the flame effects can be done comfortably and quickly and if it gets too warm you can regulate the thermostat or just turn the fire off – simple.


Realistic Flame Effects

Technology has really advanced with electric fires and flame effects have never looked so realistic. Katell fires use LED’s to create bright flames and technology allows the flames too appear as if they are dancing and flickering just like a real fire. You can even change the brightness and colours of the flames to suit your mood or the ambience of the room.

To further improve the fireplaces, Katell has created a range of fuel and log beds, created to look realistic and glow like the real thing.

Instant Heat

One of the biggest advantages of electric fires is their ability to create instant heat. Switch on and feel the immediate benefit as the heat radiates into the room. Stoves and Gas fires can’t match the their speed to generate instant heat – perfect when you need to warm a room quickly on a cold day.

No Servicing Required

With a Katell electric fire you don't need require any annual maintenance. There is no need for regular chimney sweeps or service engineers to regularly inspect your appliance – and all fireplaces are supplied with a 2 year guarantee.