Timber Surrounds

Theres something special about our range of Timber Surrounds. Whether its' the naturally warming appeal of Natural Oak or the sturdy structure of our Solid Timber models - you'll be impressed by just how stunning they look in your home.

All you need to do is choose the style you prefer, choose an inset fire to go with the back panel & heath and imagine how your home will be transformed. 


Natural Black Granite Sicily Chrome.jpg

49" Auckland Timber Surround

When its comes to Timber Surrounds, Natural Oak is an obvious choice.
The Auckland with its soft gentle arch and double shelf embraces this warmth and when coupled with the Black Granite Back Panel & Hearth really transforms a room.
The picture is complete with the addition of the Sicily electric inset fire with a Polished Chrome Cast front.

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48" Henfield Timber Surround

Embrace the warmth and character provided by the Henfield Timber Surround. With its neat inner detailing and finely cut profile - you'll be impressed as it sits proudly in your home.

Couple the surround with a Beige Marfil Back Panel & Hearth and choose your fire to suit.

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HNF006 Henfield Natural Oak Beige Marfil
MDR024 Madrid White Black Granite Rosemo

52" Madrid Timber Surround

Make a real impact in your home with this magnificent timber surround in a sumptuous White finish.

Contrasting perfectly with the Black Granite back panel and hearth, the total look is complete with the addition of the Torino electric fire with a Polished Chrome cast front.

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48" Rochester Timber Surround

The Rochester with its strong traditional character is a recognised favourite and compliments both electric and gas fires.
Admire the grain of the timbers finely polished by our craftsmen.

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ROC006 Rochester Natural Oak Beige Marfi
ELL006 Ellington Natural Oak Regent Coal

46" & 54" Ellington Timber Surround (Solid)

You cant fail to be impressed by the soft curving arch of the Ellington Solid Natural Oak surround.  
Intricate detailing on the legs and shelf compliment the gentle curve and make this a real classic.

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49" Hyacinth Timber Surround (Solid)

Theres so much detail in the Hyacinth you'll be impressed by just how it all works together. A chunky top shelf sets off the imagination and the fine profiling and detailing throughout the Solid Timber legs completes the look.

Pictured with a Black Granite Back Panel & Hearth and Regent electric fire in Brushed Steel.

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HYA106 Hyacinth Natural Oak Black Granit

52" Jasmine Timber Surround (Solid)

The Jasmine is a real traditional looking surround. Made from Solid timber in a Natural Oak, it features beautifully curved legs and a matching deep mantel shelf.

The inner detailing frames the Beige Marfil back panel and is perfectly aligned with the Torino electric fire.

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50" Rothbury Timber Surround (Solid)

This large and impressive timber fireplace is unique through its clever stepped design that draws the eye towards the central fire.
Solid in design and made from Natural Oak timbers, the Black Granite Back Panel & Hearth compliment it perfectly.

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ROT406 Rothbury Natural Oak Black Granit
SHE306 Sherburn Natural Oak Beige Marfil

48" & 54" Sherburn Timber Surround (Solid)

Available in two sizes to suit your room type, the Sherburn exudes traditional values with its tall broad legs and deep shelf.
You have to admire how the ogive shaped legs gently sweep from top to bottom.

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51" Sieste Timber Surround (Solid)

Nothing is more striking than a solid timber surround and there is no exception with the Sieste.
Beautifully balanced, the timber grain attracts the admiring glance and the cascading design sits perfectly with the Micro Marble Back Panel and Hearth.
The Capri Electric Fire provides the finishing touch with a polished chrome fret.

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SIE306 Sieste Natural Oak Beige Marfil M
TRE006 Treviso Natural Oak Beige Marfil

53" Treviso Timber Surround (Solid)

The Treviso is a solid Natural Oak surround that delightfully shows off all the natural timber grain.
With a solid mantel top and a profile that draws the eye in towards the fire, it will sit perfectly within your home.
To compliment the fireplace, the Torino Electric Fire in Polished Chrome provides the finishing touch.

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54" Wentworth Timber Surround (Solid)

This large Solid timber surround is ideal for larger properties that are looking to retain that traditional style.
A seamless design runs though each leg and across the top with smart intricate timber detailing.
A strong shelf provides further evidence of its traditional values.
Shown with a Black Granite Back Panel & Hearth and Tornio electric fire in Chrome.

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WEN006 Wentworth Natural Oak Black Grani